Mr. Antonio Luque López

Medalla nº VIII
Académico constituyente


Doctor in Telecommunications Engineering, Technical University of Madrid (UPM) in 1967. Extraordinary Prize (1st laser in Spain). Master in Solid State Physics, University of Toulouse, 1965 (France).


Chair Professor of Electronics, School of Telecommunications, (UPM) since 1970; Director of the Physical Electronic Department, School of Telecommunications, UPM (1978-85); Director of the School of Telecommunications for the period 1985-86;


Founder in 1979 and director until 2009 of the Solar Energy Institute of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) which is ranked first out of the 16 research institutes of UPM in 2011 (last published data) according to the quality evaluation system of the UPM. Today more than 100 doctors have been educated at it. Leader of a recognized research group at the UPM ranked first among 204 in 2011 (last published data) by the UPM quality evaluation system. This first position has been also achieved in the preceding years.     


Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Isofotón S.A. – company that manufactured and industrialized the bifacial solar cell he invented in 1976–, for the period 1981-1990.


He has also worked on solar cells and optics for concentrated light photovoltaic generators, and published the first monograph in English language on the subject. In 1997, he published the concept of intermediate band solar cell, whose very high efficiency potential has made it to receive by February 2013 over 650 citations in the Web of Knowledge.


Founder of the Institute (ISFOC) for Photovoltaic Concentrator Systems (Puertollano, Spain) and Chairman of its Scientific Committee since 2006, to launch worldwide the industrialization of the triple junction solar cell technology.


Founder of the Centre for the Technology of the Silicon (CENTESIL, S.L.) to develop cheap purified silicon (several inventions on the subject) for photovoltaics and chairman and CEO of the company for 2006-2012.


Advisory Committee Member of Hahn Meitner Institut, Berlin, 2004-2008; Scientific Advisory Board Member of Institut fuer Solarforschung Hameln, 2005-2008; Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Institute for Photovoltaic Concentration Systems (ISFOC) in Castilla La Mancha, 2006-present; Member of the Technical Advisory Board of the Nitol Group (Moscow) 2007-2009; Member of the Scientific Council of LITEN /CEA (Grenoble), 2007-present; Member of the Cherry Award Committee since 2007 and Chairman in 2010; Member of the Scientific Advisory Council, Centre for Advanced Solar Photophysics (Joint Action of NREL+LANL), 2010-present.


He has leaded 46 R&D Projects, half of them international, and has been the coordinator in more than half a dozen European Projects. Among them, the has been the Coordinator (2003-2008) of the European Commission (EC) Project Fullspectrum to develop new concepts in PV, with the participation of 18 European research centers, including Ioffe Institute, and was listed in a book of the success stories of the 6th framework programme of the EC. He is currently the European Coordinator (2011-2014) together with a Japanese coordinator of the NGCPV program of cooperation EU-Japan on concentrator photovoltaics, involving 15 research centers.


He has published around 200 papers in international specialized journals and 300 in international conferences. He has authored 2 books in Spanish and 5 in English, 22 book chapters in English, Chairman 4 international conferences and editor of the proceedings and author of 22 patents (6 in exploitation).


He has been awarded with several prizes or distinctions among which, the National Prize for Technology Research "Leonardo Torres Quevedo" 1987, granted every two years by the King of Spain; the "Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel Prize", 1992, granted by the European Commission for R&D in Photovoltaics; Prize “Rey Jaime I” for Environmental Research Granted by the Regional Government of Valencia, 1999 and delivered by the Crown Prince; "Juan de la Cierva" National Prize for Technology Transfer in 2003, granted every two years by the King of Spain William Cherry Award for Photovoltaic Science and Technology, granted by IEEE in 2006; SolarWorld-Einstein in 2008, granted by the German company SolarWorld.


Honorary Member of Ioffe Institute, since 2002; Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Jaen (Spain), and by the University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain), both since 2005; Foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, since 2011


Elected Academic Founding Member of the RAI since 1995, Librarian from 1995-1998, Vice-President 1999 – 2002.