Mr. César Dopazo García

Medalla nº XXXIII
Académico constituyente

Founding Member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering.


Professor: School of Engineering and Architecture, Universidad de Zaragoza (1981- ).


Expertise: Combustion, Fluid Mechanics applications, and Energy.


Publications: Over 100 (international) and 50 on energy (national).


Relevant Research Contributions: Mixing and Reaction of Scalars in Turbulent Flows with Probability Density Function Transport Methods; Turbulent Flows with External Intermittency; Two-Phase Flows; Single Cavitating Bubble Dynamics; Energy Planning.


Projects: National and international as Principal Investigator; Coordinator of “Low Emissions Combustor Technology” (1993-1998), CE, with all European gas turbine manufacturers and five universities; Coordinator of “Road Maps Development for Central and West Asia” (2011-2012), Asian Development Bank, with Georgia Tech (Atlanta, USA), Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon, Portugal) y Universidad de Zaragoza (Zaragoza, Spain).


Advisor: to the President of the European Commission, J.M.Durao Barroso, on Energy and Climate Change (2007-2011).


Consultant: UNESA (1980-1987); Brookhaven National Laboratory (1979-1985); United Technologies Corporation (USA) (1991-1992).


PhD: Mechanical Engineering (State University of New York, 1973) and Aeronautical Engineering (U.P. Madrid, 1978).


Postdoctoral Research Associate: Johns Hopkins University (1974-76).


Associate Scientist: Brookhaven National Laboratory, US Department of Energy (1976-78).


Engineer: Technical-Economic Department, UNESA (1978-80).


Promoter y Director: Research Laboratory on Combustion Technologies (LITEC, Joint Center UZ/CSIC) (1991-2002).


Director General: National Research Laboratory on Energy and the Environment (CIEMAT) (2002-04).


Vice-President: National Company for Nuclear Waste Management (ENRESA) (2002-04).


Advisory Board: Uranium National Company (ENUSA) (2002-2004); SteelMood (2013- ).


ASME Fellow: from 2006.


Visiting Professor: State University of New York (1977), UNAM-Mexico (1995), University of California at Davis (1989) and Berkeley (2001), University of Southern California (1989), Ecole Centrale de Lyon (1993).


Editor: “Advances in Turbulence VIII” (2000) and member of Editorial Boards of international Journals.


Committees: Ecole Centrale de Lyon (1984); CONAI-D.G. Aragón (1984-90); ANEP-Madrid (1986-89); G-V Engineering Education Reform (Ministry of Education and Science, MEC) (1987-1988); Management Commission, Universidad Carlos III (Madrid) (1990); FCT Portugal (1999, 2003, 2007, 2009, 2011); OCDE Global Science Forum (2001-2002); VINNOVA Swedish Competence Centers (2003, 2004); IMFT-CNRS Toulouse (2006); Electric Research Institute, Cuernavaca, Mexico (1999- ); External Review Committee MIT/Portugal Program (2007-2011).


European Commission: MEC Representative, BRITE/EURAM Program (1986-1987); Member of the "High Level Group on Hydrogen" (2003); Advisory Council, "European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform" (HFP) (2004-2008); “Advisory Group on Energy” (AGE-7 Framework Program) (2004-2006).