Mr. Elías Muñoz Merino

Medalla nº XII
Académico constituyente


Doctorate in Telecommunications Engineering from the Madrid Polytechnical University (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, 1970). He graduated from the Madrid Polytechnical University in 1966. From 1967 to 1970, he was a Fullbright Scholar in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University (USA), where he conducted research on GaAs devices and technology under the direction of Professor John Moll.


In 1970 he joined the Research Division of FEMSA in Madrid, where he worked until 1975 as consultant in the development of Si semiconductor devices and integrated circuits for the car industry. In 1971 he was appointed Associated Professor of Applied Physics in the Physics Department of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, under the direction of Prof. Nicolás Cabrera. In this department he created a research group on compound semiconductor devices and their applications. This laboratory developed GaAs epitaxial technology for photodetectors and light emitting diodes.


In 1974 he was appointed University Full Professor of Electronics at Polytechnical University of Madrid, School of Telecommunications Engineering. He has been director of the Electronics Engineering Department (1987-91), and co-founder and Director (2000-09) of the Institute for Systems based on Optoelectronics and Microtechnology (ISOM-UPM). He conducted research on III-V semiconductor technology and applications. He studied the behaviour of donors in AlGaAs alloys and devices, primarily in heterojunction and field effect transistors. Next, he has been developing GaN-based semiconductor devices. He worked on technology and reliability issues of power AlGaN/GaN transistors, and on InGaN/AlGaN-based VIS and UV photodetectors. Later he has been studying ZnO/MgO/CdO-based heterojunctions and devices. As novel devices, he was active in the development of MQW polarization sensitive photodetectors based on non-polar nitrides and the above II-VI oxide compounds. 


He is co-author of six books on electronic circuits and systems, and co-author of about 300 engineering/scientific papers published in international journals. He has directed twenty seven PhD theses and he has been visiting professor at Stanford University, at the Universities of Boulder and Sheffield and at CNRS-CRHEA-Valbonne.


He has been coordinator of the Spanish National Microelectronics Action, member of the European Science and Technology Assembly (ESTA), and coordinator or principal investigator of numerous R&D projects supported by the EU, ESA and EDA.   He was Member of the European Science and Technology Assembly (ESTA).  He has been visiting professor at CNRS-CRHEA and at the universities of Stanford, Boulder and Sheffield. He is member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering. Prof. Muñoz was recognized by UPM as Emeritus Professor in July 2014.