Mr. Eloy Álvarez Pelegry

Medalla nº XXXV


He has a Phd in Mining Engineering by the Superior Technical School of Mining of Oviedo (1975). Holds a five year degree in Economics at the Complutense University, (Madrid 1988) and a Diploma in Business Studies at the London School of Economics “With Merit” (1982).


At present, he is Director of the Energy Chair at Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness - Deusto University-.  Previously, he was Director of Corporate Intelligence at Gas Natural Fenosa. From 1989 to 2010 he worked in the Unión Fenosa Group where, among other positions was: Corporate Manager of Quality, Environment and R&D; Director of Fuels; Director of Planning; Economics and Control; and General Secretary of Unión Fenosa Gas (UFG), where for seven years was member of the Board and the UFG´s Executive Committee


He has also been member of the Board of Director of the combined clycle power plant “Nueva Generadora del Sur” and principal administrator of the Photovoltaic plant Toledo.PV.


He is member of the WEC Studies Committee Group, and of the Fossil Fuel Systems Committee.


Eloy Álvarez Pelegry’s professional career has been developed into the energy sector. Previously, to its positions in Unión Fenosa, he has worked at Electra de Viesgo, Enagás and Carbones de Importación.


He has been a member of the Advisory Board of the European Platform for Zero CO2 Emissions; of the R&D committee of COTEC (Spanish Foundation for Technological Innovation); of the Energy Resources, Environment and Indicative Planning Committee of UNESA (Spanish Electrical Industry Association); and of the Permanent Council and Executive Committee of SEDIGAS (Spanish Gas Association).


He has been involved  in Academic activities as Associated Professor of Economics at the Superior Technical School of Mining Engineering School of Madrid (1990-2003), Associate Lecturer of Economic Analysis at the Complutense University of Madrid (1988-1990), and Academic Director of the Spanish Energy Club (1996-2004).


He is author of the book “Economía Industrial del Sector Eléctrico. Estructura y Regulación” (Economics of the electricity industry) and co-author of the book “El gas natural del yacimiento al consumidor” (Natural gas from the gas field to the final consumer); editor of the book “Hacia una economía baja en carbono” (Towards a low carbon economy) and co-editor of “. Los retos del sector energético” (The challenges of the energy sector), and of the “Energía y Tributación Ambiental”. (Energy and Environmental Taxation), He has published numerous articles and given many conferences.