Mr. Eugenio Andrés Puente

Medalla nº I (01/12/1994-15/07/2017)
Académico constituyente


Supernumerary Academic (since Jan. 2003)


Ph.D in Industrial Engineering and Graduated in Informatics (Madrid-Spain).


Doctor by the Technische Universität Braunschweig (Germany)


Doctor Honoris causa by University Carlos III of Madrid and by University of viagra pas cher Valladolid.


Prof Dr. A. Puente has been Secretary, Deputy Director and Director of the ETSII and Director of its Department of Systems Engineering and Automation, as well as Director of the University Institute of Automatic Control of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. At present he is Professor Emeritus of the ETSII – Polytechnic University of Madrid and advisor of the official central laboratory of Electrotechnic of the Ministry of Industry.

Prof Andres Puente he has been evaluated in his teaching and research activity with the maximum score in both activities.


His research fields included among others Robotics, Automated Manufacturing Systems and Integrated Production Systems by means of Computers, and Microsystems.


Dr. Puente has published six books, 33 articles in international publications or congresses and thirteen articles in national publications/congresses.


Prof Andres Puente has obtained two patents and has been principal researcher of eight national projects. For the European Union he has completed five ESPRIT projects, an EUREKA project, and over 15 projects in the last ten years in collaboration with the industry. He has been the representative for Spain in the European Advisory Group of the Global Project Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IIMS) in the Program Eureka-Famos and in the International Advanced Robotics Program (IARP).


Prof. Andres Puente is member of the scientific societies VDI (Germany), IEEE (USA) and IFAC.


Prof. Puente has received several distinctions and awards as Department Director and for his personal contributions to education, science and research, including the award and Medal Puig Adam from the Center for promotion of industry innovation, the award for promotion of invention from Foundation Garcia Cabrerizo. In 1999 he received the highest Spanish distinction "Civil Order of Alfonso X el Sabio" and the Merit Cross of First class of the Merit Orden of  the Federal Republic of Germany, granted in Berlin by the president of the Federal Republic of Germany.