Mr. Javier Aracil Santonja

Medalla nº II
Académico constituyente


Professor Emeritus of the University of Seville. He has been Dean (1974-76) of the High Technical School of Industrial Engineers of Seville and Vice-rector of the University of Seville (1981-1982); First Director of the Association of Research and Industrial Cooperation of Andalusia (AICIA); and Coordinator of the Science and Technology Committee of the Experts Committee of the Universal Exhibition of Seville, 1992.


His research work has dealt with the applications of dynamical systems theory to the modelling and control of technical and socioeconomic systems, focusing on the qualitative theory of dynamical systems, and has been awarded with the Jay W. Forrester Award 1986. He has received the Andalusian Prize for Scientific and Technical Research "Maimónides" 1990; Recognition to Teaching Excellence (Course 1998/99) by the University of Seville; Honoree at the Sixth Biannual World Automation Congress WAC 2004; Puig Adam Medal 2004, Fundación para el Fomento de la Innovación Industrial; Medalla de Honor al Fomento de la Invención (Gold Medal of the Foundation for the Promotion of Industrial Innovation); Honor Medal to the Promotion of Invention 2005 by García Cabrerizo Foundation. In 2006, the Premio Comité Español de Automática (Spanish Automatic Control Committee Award) and, in that same year, the Premio a la Divulgación Científica by the University of Seville.


Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Málaga, 2013.


He is the author or co-author of many publications, including articles in journals, monographic book chapters and conference papers. He is author of Introducción a la Dinámica de Sistemas, Alianza Editorial (French edition in Presses Universitaires de Lyon, 1984, third Spanish edition in 1986; completely revised edition, Dinámica de sistemas, with F, Gordillo, 1997); Máquinas, sistemas y modelos, Tecnos, 1986 , co-author of Práctique de l’automatisation integrée (with L. Pun and JL Abatut), Dunod, 1974, (in Spanish, Alhambra, 1974, and in English North-Holland. 1975) and Métodos cualitativos en dinámica de sistemas (with M. Toro), Editorial Universidad de Sevilla, 1993. He is co-editor with F, Gordillo of Stability Issues in Fuzzy Control, Springer-Verlag, 2000. He has been evaluated positively in seven six-years terms of research by the Spanish Research Service.


Nowadays he devotes his retirement to think and write about the specificity of engineering, an issue to which he has contributed with different publications such as: Fundamentos, método e historia de la ingeniería. Una mirada al mundo de los ingenieros, Editorial Síntesis, 2010; Los orígenes de la ingeniería. Esbozo de la historia de una profesión, Editorial Universidad de Sevilla, 2011; En busca de la utilidad. La larga marcha del Homo faber, Royal Academy of Engineering, Madrid, 2012; Ingeniería: la forja del mundo artificial, Royal Academy of Engineering, Madrid, 2017.


He is a Founder of the Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain, of which he is now a Member (Vice-President from 2011 to 2015, and is currently a Member of the Governing Board) and Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Seville. He is also Honorary Member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Seville.