Mr. José Alberto Pardos Carrión

Medalla nº XLVIII


Prof. Pardos obtained a Ph.D. in Forestry from the “Universidad Politécnica de Madrid”, U.P.M. (1963) and a Ph. D. in Pharmacy from the “Universidad Complutense” (Madrid, 1971). He carried out field work and draft maps of 16 Spanish provinces for the Forest Map of Spain (World Forest Congress, 1965). He became Assistant Professor of Botany and Geobotany at the School of Forestry (U.P.M), and worked as an engineer in the Government Forest Service, at Zaragoza District.  From 1967, after joining the Forest Research Institute (Madrid) as research assistant, he was team leader and afterwards Coordinator of the National Programme of Forest Genetics and Director of the Nursery and Forestation Department at the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrarias. In 1979 he became Professor of Plant Anatomy, Physiology and Genetics in the School of Forestry (U.P.M.), and Full Professor in 1983. Since then, he supervised 16 Doctoral Theses which were presented in several Spanish universities; and undertook research stays in the Botany Departments of Long Ashton Research Station (UK), University College of Wales (Aberystwith, UK), the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) and the Institute of Paper Chemistry (WI, USA.). From 1997 to 2000 he served as research deputy director at the School of Forestry. After his retirement in October 2005, he was named Emeritus Professor of the UPM.


Professor Pardos is a founder member of the Spanish Society for Forest Sciences (SECF), and served as President of the Society from 1992 to 2001. In this period three National Congresses were held, 13 “Cuadernos SECF” (following from working group meetings) were edited  and  the edition of a  ”Diccionario Forestal” (2005) was promoted. The II Hispano- Luso Congress in Plant Physiology and the IUFRO working party meeting on “Somatic Cells Genetics” were also organized during this time.


Professor Pardos served as Chairman of the Forest Group as a member of the Forest and Forestry Products COST Committee (1991-1994), he also participated as expert in the Chile- PNUD Programme on arid and semiarid zones (1983) and in EC evaluation committees (the FOREST and AIR Research Programmes), the PROFIT Programme (Portugal) and National Research Programmes in Forestry. He was appointed  Secretary in the National Forestry Research Programme and was member of the expert panel for writing the basis of the I+D National Plan on Food and Agriculture Resources and Technologies (2000-2003).


Partner, in some cases director, of several I+D projects, Professor Pardos is an author or co-author of a substantial number of scientific and technical papers and some book chapters at national and international level. He participated in numerous congresses, mainly focused on tree physiology and forestry. His other merits include being a member of the “Tree Physiology” Editorial Board (2003-2004), International Consultant of “Silva Genetica” (1994-2011), Associated Editor of “Investigación Agraria, Sistemas y Recursos Forestales” (1996-1998) and independent referee in several international scientific journals. Professor Pardos was awarded the honours of the Cruz del Mérito Agrícola and the Ordre Agricole de la République Française and also the Medal of Honour of the College and Association of Forestry Engineers for his scientific activity.