Mr. José Luis Díaz Fernández

Medalla nº IV
Académico constituyente

Doctorate in Mining Engineering from the Madrid Polytechnic University, number 1 in his graduating class. He also received the Extraordinary Merit Award. In 1965, he was awarded, by means of an open public examination, the Professorship of Physics and Extension of Physics at the University of Oviedo School of Mining Engineers and the following year, he was awarded Professorship of Mechanics and Fluid Mechanics at the Madrid Polytechnic University School of Mining Engineering.


He was a Member of the Board of Directors of Auxini, Chairman and CEO of Enpetrol and Petroliber (now Repsol Petróleo), Chairman and CEO of Campsa, Chairman and CEO of Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos, S.A. (CLH), and Chairman and CEO of Repsol Comercial, Member of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee of Repsol. He has also been a Member of the Board of several energy companies: Endesa, Enher, ENAGAS, Butano and Hispanoil, among others.


He is the co-author of several books on the energy sector and has published numerous articles in specialized journals on energy and environmental technologies.


He is a permanent member of the Royal Academy of Doctors and holds the Great Cross of the Order of Civil Merit and has received several prizes for his professional career.