Mr. Juan Miguel Villar Mir

Medalla nº XXXVIII


Magna cum laude in all Secondary Education courses. Outstanding Award in State Exams.


Doctor in Civil Engineering (best graduate student), Polytechnic University of Madrid. Graduate in Law, Complutense University of Madrid. Diploma in Industrial Organization (Higher Coursein Business Administration, Escuela Oficial de Organización Industrial de Madrid). Diploma from the Economic Development Institute (Washington D.C.).


Professor of Accounting and Legislation, University School of Public Works. Professor of Business Organization, Higher T echnical School of Civil Engineers. Both Professorships belong to the Polytechnic University of Madrid.


Director of Doctorate and Postgraduate Courses. Founder and President of the Masters in Construction Company Management. Founder and President of the Masters in Infrastructure Management and Public Services.


Academic member of the Royal Academy of Economics and Finance. Academic member of the Royal Academy of Engineering. Honorary Member of the Spanish Institute of Engineering. President of the COTEC Foundation for Technological Innovation.


President of the National Association of Civil Engineers; worldwide President of the IFA (International Fertilizer Association) Agricultural/Economic Committee; President of the Agustín de Betancourt Foundation (to sponsor research in civil engineering).


In 1993, he achieved worldwide technological progress with the use of steel-free electrodes in the manufacturing of silicon metal, a technology patented in all developed countries and transferred to leading companies in Europe and North America.


He has encouraged the consumption of Microsolica for High-Performance Concrete, as its sole producer.


He has boosted two procedures, both a world novelty, to produce strontium nitrate for flat LCD plasma screens, and solar silica for photovoltaic panels by electrometallurgic means.


Author of academic works in different fields. Speaker at a large number of conferences. Chairman of the Board and CEO in leading Spanish companies.


In 1987 he incorporated and began developing the Villar Mir Group, of which he is Chairman, which includes the following companies among others:

  • Ferroatlántica Group, with 15 factories in 5 countries (including Ferroatlántica, Ferropem France, Ferroatlántica Venezuela, Hidro-Nitro, Silicon Smelter South Africa and Mangshi Silicon China), which generates electricity, ferroalloys and silicon metal. The Ferroatlántica Group is the world’s ferroalloy and silicon metal leader.
  • Ferroatlántica holds the First Medal of Honor for the Promotion of Invention, granted by the Garcia-Cabrerizo Foundation, and the Academiae Dilecta Prize of the Royal Academy of Engineering.
  • Fertiberia Group, with 10 factories in 3 countries (including Fertiberia, Adubos de Portugal and Fertial in Algeria), in the fertilizer industry. It is the leading ammonia and fertilizer producer along the entire Mediterranean Basin and in the European Union.
  • Inmobiliaria Espacio Group, with real estate developments in Spain and U.S.A. (Texas and Florida).
  • Obrascón Huarte Lain Group. The world’s eighth largest infrastructure concessionaire and the world’s leader in hospital and railway construction. The Villar Mir Group is its majority shareholder.




The OHL affiliate in port infrastructure, SATO, has received the García- Cabrerizo Foundation diploma as the winner of the García-Cabrerizo Prize for Spanish Invention due to its participation in 39th edition of the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, which is considered to be the largest of its kind in the world and where SATO received three new international awards:

     - Gold Medal with Honorable Mention for Cubípodo, construction material for the outer layer of breakwaters

     - Silver Medal for the SATOGrab claw, a design for a device for recovering breakwater blocks in port seawalls

     - Prize for the best Spanish invention for Cubípodo

     - Spain leading company in prefabricated construction products and has an outstanding position in industrial computer systems.


Without being ascribed to any political party, he acted as Vice President of the Government for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance in Spain’s political transition, during the First Government under the Monarchy (1975-76).


His prizes include “Mejor Gestor Ibérico” [management in the Iberian Peninsula], “Mejor Hombre de Empresa” [business and marketing world] and Prize for Economics. He has received significant awards, such as Grand Cross for Civil Merit, Military Merit and the Royal and Distinguished Spanish Order of Charles III, the Grand Cross of “Orden del Dos de Mayo” [highest award granted by the Community of Madrid] ,the Grand Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic and he was named “Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur”.


His Majesty the King Juan Carlos I of Spain named him Marquis of Villar Mir by Royal Decree.