Mr. Luis Alberto Petit Herrera

Medalla nº XIII
Académico constituyente


Following the High School studies with the highest qualifications and entering already with the number 1 at the ICAI Engineering School (P. Comillas University), he got his Degree with “extraordinary mention”. PhD Electromechanical Engineer by the Ministry of Education. Graduated in Computer Science from the Politechnical University of Madrid. Holder of a Diploma in Organization and Business Administration from the EOI Business School and Master in Commerce. Postgraduate Education at the “Ecole des Hautes Études Commerciales-HEC” (Paris) and at the Business School from Cornell University (USA).


He is constituent Member of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Member of the Royal Academy of Doctors and of the New York Academy of Science.


He was part-time Professor in Operations Research at the Industrial Engineering School (P. Comillas University), Associated Professor at the National Institute of Public Administration at Alcalá de Henares University and EOI Emeritus Professor.


Professionally he worked at Wagon-Lits/Cook (1953-1973), starting with the project and the installation of the biggest laundry in Spain at this time (12 Tons/day). He was Chief of Railway Operation. Later on was CEO of National Branches of the Company concerning the Catering of airlines, hospital and highways, etc. Finally, he was devoted to the general management of the Company in Spain.


He was founder and CEO of CITEMA (Center for Informatics, Telematics and Related Media, 1956-1995), structured in five departments.


His personal contributions to the Innovation Department were: the introduction of the word “ordenador” instead of “computadora”, the measurement of the Redundancy of the Spanish Language in terms of the “Information Theory”, the application of Social Physics, basically within the frame of the trend of people to move around (in particular related to Tourism), the degree to what each country attracts visitors and the stability of these trends. To study this topic, he adapted the physical gravitational models in the Euclidean space to the economical and social spaces, using the Graphs Theory.


His personal contributions to the Training Department were: the International Infotechnology Conference (Annual), with different topics: Social Implication of TIC, Informative Sessions, Professional Sessions (Lawyers, Doctors, Architects, Engineers, Secretaries, etc.), Ad-Hoc Sessions, Art and Informatic Sessions, the Iberoamerican Informatics Convention (6 days and 5 simultaneus rooms with 200 speakers, and 7.000 participants) and the presentation of the related equipment (SIMO – 640 exhibitors, 220.000 visitors). Lecturer of different Seminars about Infotechnology in different Spanish cities and at International Work Organization (OIT, Turín), Humboldt Foundation (Caracas), CREI-UNESCO (Santiago de Chile) and in 18 different cities of 14 Latinamerican countries.


His personal contribution to the Publications Department were: numerous press articles in technical magazines and in daily press and author of the book “Luces y sombras de las TIC” (Spanish and English versions).


He is Knight Commander of the Order of “Alfonso X” and of the Civil Merit. Honorary Member of the Spanish Engineering Institute and of the Computer Sciences Graduates Association. Member of the International Advisory Committee for Programs in “Institutional Management” at the Golden Gate University (S. Francisco). Member of the World Academy of Productivity Science. Fellow Member of the Operations Research Society of America (ORSA) and of the Academic Council at Institut des Hautes Etudes Economiques et Sociales, Belgium. He was president at the Nacional Association of ICAI’s Engineers.