Mr. Luis Lada Díaz

Medalla nº LIX

Attained a Telecommunications Engineering degree at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) (1972). Currently is an Independet Consultant and member of the Boards of Directors of INDRA, GAMESA and Telefónica R&D, Member of the Advisory Boards of Teldat, Assia Inc. and COIT, as well as Professor “Ad Honorem” of the U.P.M., and partner of Circulo de Empresarios.


After receiving a scholarship from the CSIC (Instituto Torres Quevedo), worked for 10 years at Telefonica's Research and Studies Centre before acceding to the management positions of the Telefónica Group.


Was Deputy Managing Director of Technology, Planning and Network Management for Telefonica, Spain (1984-1989),  Assistant Deputy Managing Director to the Presidency of the Amper Group (1989-1993), Deputy Managing Director of  Subsidiaries and Affiliates of Grupo Telefónica (1993-1994), Chairman & CEO of Telefónica Móviles, Spain, S.A. (1994-2000) and Telefónica Móviles, S.A. (2000-2002), Managing Director for Development, Planning and Regulation of Telefónica Group (2002-2005) and Chairman & CEO of Telefónica of Spain (2005-2006).


Was a member of the Board of Telecommunications Engineer College in the eighties, and Vice-president of the Association of Telecommunications Engineers, as well as Board Member, at different times, in many industrial companies and services in the Information Technology Sector, including Telefónica, S.A., Standard Eléctrica S. A., Amper, S.A., Telettra Española, S.A.  Sogecable S.A., Unisource Mobile (Sweden) etc., and of many Foundations and Information Technology Advisory Boards.


Numerous articles published in technical, economic and yearbook journals of the ICT sector. Has regularly given lectures and has been member of the panel of judges of the Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation since.


Many professional and business awards have been bestowed, among which the following deserve to be highlighted: Engineer of the Year 1994/ COIT-AEIT, Business Exellence Award 1997/Revista Dinero, Dintel Prize 2000 to the IT Professional/Dintel Association, Prize for the Best Manager 2001/Actualidad Económica-AT Kearney and Vodafone Professional Career Prize (2008).