Mr. Ramón Argüelles Álvarez

Medalla nº III
Académico constituyente


Academic activity:

PhD in Forestry Engineering from the PolytechnicUniversity of Madrid (1961).

Professor in Strength of Materials and Construction at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (1965-70); Full Professor of Structural Design of the UPM since 1970, and Emeritus Professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid since 2009.

Subjects: Elasticity, Strength of Materials, Structural Analysis, Concrete Structures, Steel Structures, Timber Structures, Geotechnical engineering.


Professional activity:

Management and technical supervision in the field of construction since 1961. Foundation of a steel construction company in 1972, working on projects and structures related to buildings, footbridges and bridges, industrial buildings, silos, towers, industrial equipments and factories, etc. National Award for Steel Structures (1979) for the project and construction of the cement factory in Mariel (Cuba).


Research activity:

Three “sexenios” (six years research periods accredited at the university) on the structural use of timber in construction. Research lines: Standardization of structural timber design and Timber construction.



Scientific articles on steel and timber construction.

Books: Elasticity (1), Analysis of Structures and Strength of Materials (4), Steel Construction (10), Concrete (1) and Timber Construction (4).

The books “Steel Structure Today: Theory and Practice", Volume I, from 1972 and “Steel Structures: Calculation; Spanish Technical Building Code and Eurocode” Volume 1, from 1999, have been and still are a permanent reference within the University and for companies linked to construction.

The book titled “Timber Structures: project and design”, got the Best Textbook Award presented at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Development of software for structural design (concrete, steel and timber structures) from 1980, with a wide spreading within the university and engineering companies.



Modular system for construction of detachable silos.


Prizes and honours:

National Award for the most outstanding Steel Structures (1979)

Appointed permanent member of the Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain (1996).

Prize for the Best Textbook at UPM (1996-97)

Honorary Member of the Association of Structural Designers of Catalonia (2002)

Medal of Honour from the Association of Forestry Engineers (2006).

Named illustrious person of Polytechnic University of Madrid (2016)