Transforming Manufacturing: "A path towards a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth"

The global financial crisis, in which we are still engaged, has deeply eroded the industrial and technological network in the world showing structural weaknesses that remain latent. The phenomenon is specially critical in the European Union, where the crisis has highlighted the need to thoroughly rethink the model of growth which has been valid for the last decades.
The effects of the crisis are to occur at a time of global and accelerated social, political, economic and technological changes that are unparalleled in the recent history of mankind; changes that will deeply alter the scenario where our industry will have to compete in the future.
Our ability to meet successfully this new global scenario will require a deep transformation of a large part of our existing industrial network, to evolve from a production model, based on the intensive use of capital and resources, to another model based on knowledge-oriented products with high added value.
Although the solutions are complex and there is not a masterful and generic formula to overcome the current situation, in any case, a high level and competent engineering, the extensive use of new technologies in processes and products and the promotion of the creative momentum of innovation, applied to the entire chain of value, will become critical factors in the objective of regain and maintain our competitiveness in the future.
Wednesday, June 5, 2013 - 2:00pm