In fulfilment of its objectives, the Foundation, together with the Royal Academy of Engineering, carries out a wide-ranging programme of activities, the main components of which are listed below:
a) Tuesdays at the Royal Academy of Engineering
Sessions on topics of particular relevance from a technical and business perspective, selected on the initiative of the Foundation's members. The sessions are carried out in the form of presentations by renowned experts followed by a colloquium.
b) Encounters at the Royal Academy of Engineering
For invited audiences, these encounters address current and relevant topics of a technical and social nature and have the same format as the Tuesday sessions.
c) Days at the Royal Academy of Engineering
For topics that require more in-depth examination, these one-day conferences are split into morning and afternoon sessions that may include talks, presentations, round tables and debates.
d) Dialogues at the Royal Academy of Engineering
Using the same format as the Tuesdays and Gatherings, the aim of these dialogues is to discuss matters related to engineering and social needs.
e) Young Researchers Awards
Aimed at researchers in technological fields who are under 36 years old at the time of the call for applications, the "Agustín de Betancourt y Molina" and "Juan López de Peñalver" awards for young researchers are granted in accordance with the terms and conditions published beforehand.
f) Seminars at the Royal Academy of Engineering 
The seminars are aimed at advanced level students or professionals and led by academy members and experts who, generally speaking, provide their services in the Entities that form part of the Pro Rebus Academiae Foundation.