External Relations

Given that Spanish engineering operates in a markedly international sphere, where it plays a leading role, the Royal Academy of Engineering is keenly aware of the importance of the international aspect of its mission.

This importance is clear to see in the governing bodies of the academy, which include an External Relations Committee presided over by a member of the Governing Board of the Academy.

Among other functions, the External Relations Committee is responsible for relations with engineering academies from other countries and institutions of an international nature. These relations facilitate the identification and implementation of joint initiatives that have a positive impact thanks to the exchange of ideas and the spirit of collaboration that are achieved.


The Royal Academy of Engineering reinforces its international presence through its corresponding members, who, as professionals from a variety of engineering disciplines, have shown exceptional merit over the course of their careers and who reside outside Spain. The academy currently has 40 corresponding members from 14 countries.


This international presence enables the organisation of international projects and conferences that confirm the role of the Royal Academy of Engineering as a champion of excellence in knowledge of a technical nature and the applied sciences.


The Royal Academy of Engineering is a member of the European Council of Academies of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering (Euro-CASE).


Euro-CASE (www.euro-case.org) is an independent organisation that brings together the national academies of applied sciences, technology and engineering of 21 European countries. It serves as a permanent forum for consultation and exchange between European institutions, companies and universities.


Furthermore, and with an international scope, the Royal Academy of Engineering is a member of the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS) (www.caets.org), which brings together the 21 most representative engineering and technology academies in the world.


Common cultural roots facilitate very close collaboration with Latin American engineering academies, with which the Royal Academy of Engineering exchanges ideas and experiences related to various areas of engineering and their implementation in society.