The Academy of Engineering was created by virtue of Royal Decree 859/1994, of 29th April, making it the first national academy to be founded under the reign of H.M. King Juan Carlos I.


The Academy of Engineering is a corporation under public law entity that is governed by its statutes and by its internal regulations. Its main function is to promote works and studies that reflect scientific progress in the field of engineering, its technological applications and its operational techniques.


Its first thirty-six members were appointed by virtue of Ministerial Order of 1st December 1994. These members were designated by the Ministry of Education, having been put forward by the Spanish Institute of Engineering (18 members), the Universities (7 members), the Institute of Spain (6 members) and the Secretary of State for Universities and Research (5 members).


From its foundation and until early 1999, the academy remained under the protectorate of the Ministry of Education, its president being the Secretary of State for Universities and Research, who delegated the presidency to the academy member Mr. Elías Fereres. A provisional governing board was formed by the president-delegate and the members Mr. Emilio Llorente, Mr. José Antonio Garrido, Mr. Antonio Luque, Mr. José Ramón Irisarri, Mr. César Dopazo, Mr. Manuel Elices and Mr. Andrés Ripoll.


Over the course of these early years of operation, among other activities, the constituent members drew up a set of internal regulations that covered several aspects, including the election of new members. This procedure has continued to be applied through national calls for new members in order to fill the sixty permanent member seats established by the statutes.


The Ministry of Education protectorate period ended on 19th January 1999 and the Academy of Engineering entered a new phase with the election of its first autonomous governing board, formed by the members Mr. Elías Fereres, Mr. Antonio Luque, Mr. Enrique Alarcón, Mr. Javier Aracil, Mr. César Dopazo and Mr. Mateo Valero.


Since its beginnings, the Academy of Engineering has received international recognition. It has been admitted as a member of the Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS) and was one of the founding members of the European Council of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering (Euro-CASE). It has carried out and continues to carry out important collaborative work with both organisations.


On 30th January 2003, for the 2003-2007 period, the second governing board was elected, formed by the members Mr. Enrique Alarcón, Mr. Andrés Ripoll, Mr. Aníbal R. Figueiras, Mr. Jaime Torroja, Mr. Pere Brunet and Mr. Roberto Fernández de Caleya. Following the passing away of Mr. Roberto Fernández de Caleya, on 29th April 2004 Mrs. María Vallet was elected to replace him.


On 14th July 2003 H.M. the King Juan Carlos I granted the Academy of Engineering Royal status. Another equally important historical milestone took place on 11th December of the same year when H.M. the King presided over the public session in which President Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo y Bustelo took possession of his seat as Honorary Member.


On the initiative of the Royal Academy of Engineering, on 9th May 2005 the Pro Rebus Academiae Foundation was founded. The purpose of the foundation is to support the activities of the Royal Academy of Engineering and contribute to its maintenance by relying on the assistance of companies and institutions with an interest in the development and improvement of engineering.


On 7th June 2005, the State Heritage Department, through the Ministry of Education and Science, granted the use of the public area of the palace of the Marquis of Villafranca (a Spanish Historical Heritage building) to the Royal Academy of Engineering as its headquarters for the provision of its services and the carrying out of its activities.


H.M. the King officially opened the headquarters of the Royal Academy of Engineering on 16th November 2010 following the completion of the building refurbishment works, which had taken twenty months.


On 27th January 2007, for the 2007-2011 period, the third governing board was elected, formed by the members Mr. Aníbal R. Figueiras, Mr. Pere Brunet, Mr. José Antonio Martín Pereda, Mr. Ramón Argüelles, Mr. Enrique Cerdá and Mr. José Ignacio Pérez Arriaga.


The current governing board was elected on 5th April 2011 and is formed by the members Mr. Elías Fereres, Mr. Javier Aracil, Mr. Joaquim Coello, Mrs. Josefina Gómez Mendoza, Mr. Luis Gil, Mr. Manuel Hita, Mr. Ricardo Torrón, Mr. Ramón Agustí, Mr. Manuel Márquez and Mr. Elías Muñoz.