Institutional objectives

Engineering today constitutes a field of human activity with a decisive influence on the welfare of the society, and its contributions to the proper use and correct application of technology are highly significant.


The main mission of the Royal Academy of Engineering, interested in increasing knowledge in state-of-the-art of the technology and in providing society with access to these new tools, is to promote works and studies that reflect scientific progress in the field of engineering, its technological applications and its operational techniques.


Specifically, article 3 of the statutes of the Royal Academy of Engineering reads as follows:


Article 3: The Academy will have the following purposes: 


a) To promote the quality and competitiveness of Spanish engineering, fostering the study, research and progress of the sciences on which it is based, of the techniques required by its applications and of the methods that channel its creative activity.


b) To constitute an active and qualified organisation in the exploration and critical analysis of scientific and technological progress, both nationally and internationally, with the capacity to provide advice on these matters to any entity that requires it, in particular to institutions dedicated to the training of engineers.


c) To issue reports on specific issues of a relevant level when requested to do so by government bodies and other entities at a national and, if applicable, European Community or international level. Notwithstanding the above, the academy may on its own initiative issue reports on matters deemed to be in the public interest.


d) To hold public and private sessions on relevant topics and to promote the publication of works produced by members of the academy or submitted to the academy for examination, along with periodical reports that reflect scientific and technological developments of important significance for engineering.


e) To sponsor awards that acknowledge the merits of individuals and institutions in the field of engineering and related activities or sciences, along with competitions that stimulate the development and progress of engineering.


f) To collaborate with other academies and institutions of a similar or complementary nature, whether in Spain or abroad, on matters or programmes of common interest. 


g) To draw up and keep up to date a Spanish lexicon of engineering terms.


h) Any other purposes that are appropriate and in keeping with the nature and functions of the institution.