Pro Rebus Academiae Foundation

In direct collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Foundation aims to serve the society through:


  • Supporting the activities of the Academy


  • Fostering the quality and competitiveness of the Spanish engineering


  • Encouraging the research and application of the techniques and technologies on which engineering is sustained


  • Disseminating technical and technological developments, along with their application by companies and public authorities


  • Cooperating with the bodies of the public authorities in activities aimed at the promotion and use of engineering knowledge


  • Facilitating the Royal Academy of Engineering's relationship with public authorities, professional associations, companies and universities, as well as the relationship between all of these organisations, for objectives related to the development and application of the engineering


  • Cooperating internationally with similar corporations or bodies of which they form part, along with other entities related to the engineering


  • Transmitting to the society the role played within it by the engineering