Academiae Dilecta Awards

Academiae Dilecta Award

The Academiae Dilecta Award, aimed at companies that have either marketed for the first time in the world a product that has been produced through scientific and technological research and development, or have consistently based their business strategy on the use of new technologies, to which R&D activity carried out internally or in other Spanish centres must have contributed.

Academiae Dilecta Award 2013

FERROVIAL "Academiae Dilecta" Award 2013

Academiae Dilecta Award 2012

TÉCNICAS REUNIDAS, "Acadmeiae Dilecta" Award 2012

Academiae Dilecta Award 2011

The 2011 award was bestowed on the company Ingeniería, Tecnología y Consultoría, S. A. (INERCO, S.A.) for its scientific and technological devel- opments and for its unswerving commitment to building its business strat- egy around the use of new research-based technologies.