Academiae Dilecta Award 2011

The tenth Academiae Dilecta Award, aimed at companies that have either marketed for the first time in the world a product that has been produced through scientific and technological research and development, or have consistently based their business strategy on the use of new technologies, to which R&D activity carried out internally or in other Spanish centres must have contributed. The 2011 award was bestowed on the company Ingeniería, Tecnología y Consultoría, S. A. (INERCO, S.A.) for its scientific and technological devel- opments and for its unswerving commitment to building its business strat- egy around the use of new research-based technologies.


Its main fields of activity are:


Industrial project engineering: design and execution of processing plants, storage facilities, ancillary services, renewable energies.


The development of technology, systems and equipment for environmental and energy optimisation, along with the use of renewable energy sources (biomass, solar and wind power, etc.). Technical consultancy in environmental issues, occupational health and safety and industrial safety.


INERCO is a leading Spanish company for industrial sectors in the fields of engineering, environment, industrial safety and occupational health and safety. In particular it works for the oil refining sector, the chemical and pet- rochemical industry, the electricity production sector, the cement produc- tion sector, the agro-food industry, the mining and metallurgy sector, the renewable energy sector, and the engineering and infrastructure sectors, among others. Furthermore, it collaborates actively with the public authori- ties in striving to ensure that business activities are compatible with sustain- able development, integrating the three dimensions (economic, social and environmental) considered fundamental for improving quality of life.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011