Advances and Applications of Data Science & Engineering


An International workshop organized with the collaboration of

  • Data Science and Engineering Consortium
  • Project CASI-CAM-CM, Comunidad de Madrid
  • DAMA Network, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness



Reality speaks data, and Science and Engineering help us to understand its messages. This workshop consists of two series of activities. Mornings are dedicated to advances in data processing and their application to a number of relevant fields. Meetings of three research networks (Data Sci&Eng Consortium, CASI-CAM-CM, and DAMA) will be celebrated after the lunch time. The purpose is to promote both scientific knowledge and collaboration among different agents for getting benefit from data.




Tuesday, June 14th


09:30 h

Opening Ceremony

J.M. Torralba-Castelló, D. General UI, CE-CM


10:00 h

Session 1A: Deep Learning


Chair:   A. R. Figueiras-Vidal (RAIng, UC3M/ DS&EC, CASI-CAM-CM, DAMA)


Invited lecture: A (concise) tutorial on deep learning

A. R. Figueiras-Vidal (RAIng, UC3M/ DS&EC, CASI-CAM-CM, DAMA)



  • Data analysis of deep learning representations, D. García-Gasulla (UPC/ DAMA)
  • Partial boosting of deep stacking networks, M. Montoya-Catalá, A.R. Figueiras-Vidal (UC3M/ DS&EC, CASI-CAM-CM, DAMA)
  • Information based approaches for Bayesian optimization, E. Garrido, D. Hernández-Lobato (UAM/ CASI-CAM-CM, DAMA)  


11:45 h

Session 1B: Applications to Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Biology


Chair: M. H. Hayes (GMU, USA/ DS&EC)


Invited lecture: Bayesian networks in Neuroscience

P. Larrañaga (UPM/ CASI-CAM-CM)



  • Automatic classification of neural morphologies, B. Mihaljevic (UPM/ CASI-CAM-CM)



Wednesday, June 15th


09:30 h

Session 2A: Security and Safety


Chair: B. Vitoriano (UCM/ CASI-CAM-CM)


Invited lecture: Differential analysis as a data science tool for cyber security

J.H. Jones, Jr. (GMU, USA/ DS&EC)



  • SEDD: A soft data-science approach for assessing consequences of natural disasters, J. Tinguaro-Rodríguez, B. Vitoriano, J. Montero (UCM/CASI-CAM-CM)
  • Data science and engineering to support the development of a State aviation safety plan, D. Ríos (AXA-ICMAT Ch./aCASI-CAM-CM), P. H. Coronado, F. Bernal (Ag. Esp. Seguridad A.), J. Gómez, C. Alfaro (Spain R. Academia de Ciencias)
  • Geometric models for video surveillance in road environments: Vehicle tailgating detection, E. Pla-Sacristán, I. González-Díaz, F. Díaz-de María (UC3M)


11:15 h

Session 2B: Cognitive Health


Chair: F. García-Nocetti (UNAM/ DS&EC)


Invited lecture: The evolution of healthcare: First steps towards cognitive healthcare

A. Solanas (URV)



  • Active sensing in human activity recognition, A. Nazábal, A. Artés-Rodríguez (UC3M/ CASI-CAM-CM)
  • Hypoglycemia prediction using continuous glucose monitoring, M. A. Zúñiga-Gutiérrez, X. Aransaenz-Cam, E. Zenteno-Bolaños, E. Mayhua-López (UCSP, Arequipa, Perú)
  • Machine learning methods in electronic nose analysis, I. Rodríguez-Luján, J. Fonollosa, R. Huerta (UAM/ CASI-CAM-CM, DAMA)
  • Decoding for neural prothesesH. Dantas, V.J. Mathews (Oregon SU., USA) 


12:30 h

DS&EC, CASI-CAM-CM, and DAMA open session



Thursday, June 16th


10:00 h

Invited Presentations

  • International cooperation in Horizon 2020, E. Pelayo-Campillos (Natl. Contact Point ICT-H2020, CDTI)
  • Spanish international R&D cooperative programs with USA & Latin America, E. Iglesias Cadarso (Natl. IBEROEKA Coord., CDTI)


11:15 h

Session 3A: Smart Cities


Chair: M. Mucientes (USC/ DS&EC, DAMA)


Invited lecture: A guideline for a public-private partnership on urban big data sharing

D. Sarasa-Funes (UPM/ Ay. Zaragoza/ aCASI-CAM-CM)



  • Enhancing smart mobility: some Artificial Intelligence solutionsJ. Vázquez-Salceda (UPC-DAMA)


12:30 h

Session 3B: Other Applications


Chair: J. Dorronsoro (UAM/ CASI-CAM-CM, DAMA)



  • Prediction of building temperatures for energy optimization, P. Rodríguez-Mier, M. Fresquet, M. Mucientes, A. Bugarín (USC/ DS&EC, DAMA)
  • Data science in sports and the application of machine learning for jump shot prediction in the NBA, R. Alaghbar, M. Hayes (GMU, USA/ DS&EC)



Friday, June 17th


10:00 h

Session 4:  Singular Problems


Chair: C. Hervás (UCO/ DAMA)


Invited lecture: Real time data mining: Data mining for the XXI Century

J. Gama (U. Porto, Portugal)



  • Dynamic learning for data streams, F. Orduña-Cabrera, M. Sànchez-Marrè (UPC-DAMA)
  • An exploratory evaluation of Bayesian principled approaches to solve imbalanced problems, S. Roca-Sotelo, A. R. Figueiras-Vidal (UC3M/ DS&EC, CASI-CAM-CM, DAMA)
  • Machine learning decomposition models for partial ordering problems: An application to melanoma severity classification, J. Sánchez-Monedero, M. Pérez-Ortíz, A. Sáez, P.A. Gutiérrez, C. Hervás (UCO/DAMA)
  • Accelerating SVM training, A. Torres, J. Dorronsoro (UAM/ CASI-CAM-CM, DAMA)


12:30 h

Invited Presentation: Data Science and Engineering R&D at UNAM and other institutions in Mexico

F. García-Nocetti (UNAM, México/ DS&EC)


13:15 h

Closing ceremony

D. Pérez-Fernández, Cord. Área Tecnología, SETSI-MINETUR





Wednesday, June 15th

15:00 h  DAMA Management Committee meeting

17:00 h  DS&EC members meeting


Thursday, June 16th

15:00 h  CASI-CAM-CM   Advisory Committee meeting

16:00 h  CASI-CAM-CM Management Committee meeting



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