Introducing the Data Science & Engineering Consortium Initiative



  • Prof. Dr. Aníbal R. Figueiras-Vidal (UC3M and RAIng, Spain)


  • Prof. Dr. Monson Hayes (GMU, Fairfax, VA, USA)


  • Prof Dr. Alberto Bugarín (USC, Spain)



A number of USA, Spain, and Latin-America Universities developing much recognized activities in Data Science and Engineering and their applications will constitute in an immediate future a Consortium to carry out collaborative research, practical applications, educational, entrepreneurship, and dissemination actions on all the aspects of that field, with special focus in Latin-America. These founding Universities will invite to other interested entities to join the Consortium as associated members, with the capacity of being involved in specific activities.


The session will present the main aspects of this initiative and open a colloquium to allow the attendees to know more details.


C.P. La RAI impulsa un consorcio investigador en ciencia e ingeniería de datos

Jueves, 12 Marzo, 2015 - 17:00